An eco-friendly approach

As a ready-to-wear brand, Monsieur Coquelicot has a role to play in the ecological challenge that we are currently going through.

On our scale, we are committed to having a production that preserves the environment as much as possible. We use a 100% organic cotton certified GOTS, here are the key points:

  • Cotton grown without GMOs, without chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides), and with traceability from the cotton fields to the end customer.
  • Reasonable and controlled water management for irrigating fields in agricultural areas, where drought periods require artificial irrigation.
  • Ensuring respect for social working conditions based on the principles of the ILO (World Labor Organization) of the UN (United Nations).
  • The guarantee that the finished GOTS certified products have been manufactured (at all stages of production: spinning / weaving / dyeing / printing / making), without any toxic product; neither for the environment, nor for production workers, nor for users.

A European production

All our products are made in Portugal. We have carried out quality sourcing to collaborate with workshops on a human scale, benefiting from precious know-how.



Monsieur Coquelicot

As a matter of course, we have developed a partnership with “Nous voulons des coquelicots” (We want poppies), the association which, symbolically, fights against the use of pesticides through the image of the poppy.

We will tell you more about this partnership very quickly!